About Us

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, CPG International LLC is a manufacturer of market leading brands of highly engineered building materials for residential, commercial and industrial markets designed to replace wood, metal and other traditional materials in a variety of building applications.

CPG International, under its CPG Building Products umbrella, offers high-performance residential building products branded as AZEK® and TimberTech®.  All of these materials provide outstanding durability and low maintenance for residential home and construction applications.  The AZEK brand includes predominantly cellular PVC products that outperform traditional materials in myriad outdoor uses.  The TimberTech brand encompasses composite and capped composite decking, railing and lighting innovations.  Both brands are preferred by discerning contractors and architects around the world because of each materials’ inherent characteristics, including superior performance, low maintenance, long life and lower life-cycle costs. 

CPG, under its wholly-owned subsidiary, Scranton Products, offers a line of synthetic commercial building products for use in bathroom and locker-room applications marketed under the Santana Products, Comtec Industries, Capital, EverTuff™, TuffTec™, and Hiny Hider® brands.  The commercial building product offering includes locker systems, bathroom partitions, counter tops, shower stalls and many other products.

CPG, under its wholly-owned subsidiary, VYCOM, markets and manufactures PVC and Olefin solutions for industrial use focused on the marine, graphic display, saferoom, food processing, playground equipment and semiconductor industries. VYCOM offers customer-focused solutions made from synthetic materials that add functional advantage to traditional metal and other synthetic materials. VYCOM offers a vast array of products that are the most specified in the industry by contractors and architects because of the materials’ inherent characteristics, including superior performance, longer-life, minimal maintenance and lower life-cycle costs.

CPG continuously integrates sales, marketing, branding and sales distribution expertise, state-of-the-art science, cutting edge manufacturing technology and decades of application experience into each of our product offerings.  Much of this experience is the result of on-site field work and analysis of customer operations by our engineers and sales specialists.  We constantly leverage this proprietary knowledge in the development of new product categories such as synthetic exterior residential products, bathroom products, locker systems and a variety of other building materials.

A key to our success has not only been in generating branded value for our products and building materials, but also in developing a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process that permits flexible expansion to meet growing customer demands.  Currently, we operate multiple, highly automated manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Ohio.  Virtually every step of our manufacturing process is microprocessor controlled, from the custom, proprietary, synthetic blends to user focused fabrication operations.  This assures optimum efficiency, economy and quality in every product that we make.

All of these key success factors add up to one thing, simply “Building Products. Better”.